Urban Institute, Riga an organization created by urban and cultural researchers, has served as a platform for discussions and innovative activities for seven years. Closely collaborating with artists and other cultural organizations, we have been looking for ways to improve the lives of urban population by challenging the understanding of the built environment and the activities.

What does Urban Institute do?

Urban Institute is the Baltic hub for sustainable urban activism. We are rooted in the belief, that the challenges of global urbanisation and climate change require partnerships and new ways of collaboration.
We strive to ensure that academic knowledge and results of international projects find their place in practical application.
Physical & Social planning
Our strength lies in both physical planning and social planning expertise.
Policy documents & Projects
We work with our colleagues in municipal and state institutions to develop better policy documents.
Wide network of partners

We collaborate with organizations around the world.

Urban Shifts

Two of our most recent Urban Shifts that we have done

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