Latvijas Lauku Forums and Local economic development. Community as a start-up? “The community development plan” (part 1).

LLF has an outstanding experience in networking with the rural and partly very remote communities in Latvia. Based on their experiences in lobbying rural communities interests and supporting their concrete development needs, the LLF has developed a tool focusing especially on how to develop local economic and civic situations, how to communicate it with the responsible administrations and local / regional authorities and finally how to engage local stakeholders and community activists.

The instrument “Village (or community) Development Plan” will be introduced and serve as one of the main assets in the further development concepts of this training program. Local economy and its possibilities to start a resilience “start up”, a strategy in order to set the focus on empowerment of the locality will be the centre of this workshop.

After lecturing the basic principles, the team will start to elaborate its local tools, based on needs and expectations of the participating communities.

The workshop will be facilitated and moderated by:

Āris Ādlers
Lecturer / Latvian Rural Forum
Valdis Kudiņš
Lecturer / Latvian Rural Forum

Presentations & Data

A Glimpse in the Workshop

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