The Urban Institute will run its second Community Development Training workshop this weekend from August 28. till 30. 2014 Ambeli community in Latgale’s Region.

The workshop aims to introduce to the basic concepts of community work and community development strategies.

The introduction will focus on the various concepts and historic development lines of community work, from social work and its early origins in the mid 19th century, community work as control and planning instrument during mid 20th century, via end 20th century concepts of neighborhood management and modern ideas of community work as central tool in order to stimulate bottom up democratic values and engagement, participatory processes and the revival of social planning up to most modern concepts based on local cultural activities and especially intercultural management.

The interactive workshop part focuses on the assessment of Latvian communities:

Participants and facilitators commonly elaborate the roots of existing community work tendencies in Latvia and assign some essential possible development possibilities. How do community work approaches currently differ in rural and urban settings. Which are the main focus and target groups and why do people involve themselves in questions of territorial development?

On Friday afternoon, a public presentation invites local activists, the neighborhood, municipal leaders and everybody interested to a Community Development lecture.

The workshop will be facilitated and moderated by

Jonas Büchel
UI CEO & Co Founder
Guna Gaokalna-Bihela
UI, Member of Board
Kristaps Kaugurs
UI, Member of Board, Project manager

Presentations & Data

A Glimpse in the Workshop

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