S11 [NE]Formālā izglītība / 2. Latvijas Lauku parlaments kopienu parlaments Līgatnē un Āraišos

Civic education and political awareness workshop, eleventh in the seminar succession, took place in Līgatne and Āraiši from June 3 til June 5. Latvia’s Presidency of the Council of the EU presented an opportunity to include an international community event within Urban Institute’s education structure.

The concept of this workshop includes two parts:

  1. Participation in the 2. Latvian rural parliament in Līgatne. Afterwards - evaluative internal discussion among the Community Development group participants. (with Jonas Büchel)
  2. Internal workshop, presentations about the development of civic education Latvia, experience exchange and discussion with Liesma Ose in Āraiši.

The 2nd Latvian rural parliament, taking place in Līgatne in beginning of June 2015 was an event with international character, bringing together rural activists from many countries and even continents.

The organizers settled a program, aiming to either raise discussions about specific rural topics, to exchange experiences in between interest-groups as well as offer knowledge and experience exchange with international experts and activists or, finally to run seminars on actual and relevant political topics. Next to that the program was specifically targeting to draft a collaborative designed national resolution. In the final session the resolution was discussed by all participants. The final paper will be brought in and be part of the European rural parliament in autumn 2015.

The setting in Ligatne was an optimal situation to raise a general group- and individual awareness for questions of civic education and its importance in local and regional community (development) work.

After two full days of local and international discussions the group was full of impressions and had a surprisingly sophisticated critical and well-grounded exchange of opinions. On the afternoon of June 4. the group was for two hours exchanging their impressions in a close session. Many aspects regarding democratic representation, organization and knowledge transfer were discussed in an extremely professional and open minded way.

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The workshop was facilitated and moderated by:

Philip Wood

Liesma Ose

Lecturer, Community Initiative foundation

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Jonas Büchel

UI CEO & Co Founder




Project supported by:

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