S03 Creativity workshop at Āraiši

Creative tools are currently understood as to be one of the main driving forces of successfully engaged communities, representing their territorial communities’ interests and are very often an essential asset for the general development of territorial entities. 

Phil Wood will work with classic seminar/lecture tools and show examples from art, culture work, economics and design and his work all over the world – in the same time it is planned to immediately assess possibilities for the involved communities and how to create and set the importance of each community.

Phil Wood will strengthen the idea and importance of interculturality and the basic need of tailor made community concepts and development strategies for each single community.

The training will be assisted by Guna Garokalna-Bihela in order to find a better access to the ideas in terms of language and local culture.

The workshop will be facilitated and moderated by:

Philip Wood

Philip Wood

Lecturer, Urban therapist

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Jonas Büchel

UI CEO & Co Founder

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Guna Gaokalna-Bihela

UI, Member of Board




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